The 2019 3MT Finalists Announced!

Who’s ready for this year’s 3MT Final? Come check out the top 10 contestants as they present their way to first place with a $1000 purse, and a chance to make it to the Western Canadian Final at Wood Innovation and Design Centre, in Prince George, BC, on April 17.

The finalists

The ten finalists will present in the following order:

  1. Agatha Czekajlo, MSc in Forestry, Green Living: Characterizing change in Canadian urban green spaces since 1984,  Nicholas Coops
  2. Laura Yvonne Bulk, PhD in Rehabilitation Science, Blindly Belonging,  Laura Nimmon and Tal Jarus
  3. MengXing Na, PhD in Physics, Imaging collective behavior in a trillionth of a second,  Andrea Damascelli and David J. Jones
  4. Kate Wahl, MSc in Population and Public Health, In her own words: A qualitative description of endometriosis-associated sexual pain,  Susan Cox and Paul Yong
  5. Delaram Behnami, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence in Heart Imaging,  Purang Abolmaesumi and Robert Rohling
  6. Karl Zimmermann, MASc in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biological Ion Exchange for long-term water treatment in small and remote communities,  Madjid Mohseni
  7. Rabe Arshad, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mobility Management in Wireless Networks,  Lutz Lampe
  8. Adam Ramzy, MD/PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology, Gene and cell therapies for diabetes,  Timothy J Kieffer
  9. Juma Orach, MSc in Experimental Medicine, Dose-response Study to Identify a Biosignature of Diesel Exhaust Exposure,  Christopher Carlsten
  10. Ryley Hill, PhD in AstronomyThe Largest Structures in the Universe,  Douglas Scott

The judges

  1. Ryan Conder, PhD, Senior Scientist, STEMCELL Technologies
  2. Sara Muir-Owen, MCIP, RPP, MLArch, Program Manager, UBC, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)
  3. Andrew Szeri, PhD, Provost and Vice President Academic, University of British Columbia
  4. Joseph Topomycky, PhD, Manager, Graduate Student Programs, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT)

The Final, hosted by Kathryn Gretsinger, senior instructor at the UBC School of Journalism, will be held at Jack Poole Hall in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, 6163 University Boulevard on the Point Grey campus. The event starts at 12:30 p.m. sharp.

The 3MT Final is open to the public. If you’re definitely coming, RSVP to let us know but please feel free to stop by anyway!