2023 Finalists

All finalist and semi-finalists are available on our YouTube channel.

First place

  • Kiarah O’Kane, MA in Psychology, Do you mythunderstand me? Sexuality myths and sexual outcomes. Supervisors: Dr. Samantha Dawson and Dr. Katrina Bouchard

Second place

  • Jonas Welsch, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Listening to the crack – The art of keeping Hydrogen from escaping. Supervisors: Dr. E. Cretu and Dr. R. Rohling

Third place

  • Fatemeh Asadi Zeidabadi, PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Silent Threat in Our Drinking Water: “PFAS or Forever Chemicals. Supervisor: Dr. Madjid Mohseni

People’s choice

  • Aria Malhotra, PhD in Medical Physics, In Your Breast Interest: Skin Reactions in Radiation Therapy. Supervisor: Dr. Cheryl Duzenli