Am I eligible to participate in 3MT?
See the eligibility page for more details.

I am completing a research project as part of a course-based masters program.  Am I eligible?
To participate you must be registered in a thesis-based masters or PhD program.

My current graduate research builds upon research I completed as part of a previous degree/as a research technician in the same research group prior to starting this degree?  Can I present that research?
No, you can only present research results directly related to your current graduate research. You would need to be clear this is foundational research completed prior.

I am almost finished with my program, and plan to graduate in May. Am I eligible?
Yes, you are eligible to participate as long as you have not graduated before the date of the 3MT final.

I am a visiting student at UBC. May I participate?
No, you are not eligible to participate if you are a visiting student at UBC.

I have participated in 3MT before, can I participate again?
You are welcome to participate in 3MT again, as long as the content of your presentation is new.

I didn’t advance from my heat to the semi-finals. Can I participate in another heat?
No, you can only participate in one heat per year.

What format can I have for my presentation slide?
Your slide will be collated into one PowerPoint presentation for the competition, so we prefer you using PowerPoint. You may download the 3MT PowerPoint Template and follow the instructions to prepare the slide for your presentation.

How many slides can I have?
You are allowed to have one static slide without animations.

What happens if I go over three minutes?
You will be warned when you have 30 seconds left and be notified by a sign and a bell at three minutes. For presentations that exceed 3 minutes, judges are recommended to deduct marks.

What is the dress code?
Costumes are not allowed. You may wear what is comfortable for you, although we do recommend professional attire.

Can I win more than one category?
Yes, it is possible for you to win a place (First, Second, etc.) and win People’s Choice Award.

What happens if I cannot attend the Semi-final or Final after winning in my heat or at the Semi-Finals?
If you win your program/department/faculty heat, you are expected to participate in both the semi-finals and the final. If your schedule changes, and you can no longer participate, you will be disqualified from the event.

Can my presentation be in a poem, rap or song?
No. The purpose of the 3MT is primarily to develop your oral presentation communication skills.

How many presenters advance from each heat?
The number of presenters to advance depends on the total # of participants. Generally 2 – 4 from each heat advance to the semi-finals.

Any other questions about 3MT @UBC?
Email: graduate.pathways@ubc.ca