Join us tomorrow for the 2019 UBC 3MT Semi-Finals!

After several weeks of 3MT heats, the 2019 3MT semi-finalists have been decided. Tomorrow, March 12, join us in the Thea’s Lounge of Thea Koerner House, 6371 Crescent Road, to watch our semi-finalists compete to see who will go on to the 2019 finals on Thursday.

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic competition that assists current graduate students with fostering effective presentation and communication skills. Participants have just three minutes to explain the breadth and significance of their research project to a non-specialist audience.

UBC was one of the first universities in North America to host a 3MT competition, when it held the inaugural 3MT @UBC in 2011. Every year heats are held across campus.

In the order of their presentations, our semi-finalists are:

Semi-final 1, 1:00 – 2:30 PM

  1. Nicholas Leach, MSc in Forestry, Monitoring forest fires and vegetation recovery using nanosatellites, Dr. Nicholas Coops
  2. Griffin Pauli, MSc in Pharmaceutical Science, Under the Radar: A story of Cancer Immunotherapy and Liposomal Delivery,Dr. Shyh-Dar Li
  3. Fraser Johnson, PhD in Interdisciplinary Oncology, How to find the needle in the haystack – target discovery in cancer pharmacology, Dr. William Lockwood and Dr. Gregg Morin
  4. MengXing Na, PhD in Physics, Imaging collective behavior in a trillionth of a second, Dr. Andrea Damascelli and Dr. David J. Jones
  5. Ezequiel Hernandez, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Warning: Choking Hazard! Detecting Sleep Apnea, Prof. Edmond Cretu
  6. Hossam Shoman, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Finally, affordable silicon photonics, Dr. Lukas Chrostowski and Dr. Sudip Shekhar
  7. Agatha Czekajlo, MSc in Forestry, Green Living: Characterizing Change in Canadian Urban Green Space Since 1984, Dr. Nicholas Coops
  8. Juma Orach, MSc in Experimental Medicine, Dose-response Study to Identify a Biosignature of Diesel Exhaust Exposure, Dr. Christopher Carlsten
  9. Akhil Kumar, MASc in Hydrotechnical Engineering, Are we prepared for 1.0 m sea level rise by 2100? Vulnerability vs Flexibility, Dr. Steven Weijs
  10. Karl Zimmermann, MASc in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biological Ion Exchange for long-term water treatment in small and remote communities, Dr. Madjid Mohseni
  11. Adam Ramzy, MD/PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology, Gene and cell therapies for diabetes, Dr. Timothy J Kieffer
  12. Elise Gallois, MSc in Geography, Shrub Growth as a Window to the Past in the Arctic, Dr. Greg Henry

Semi-final 2, 3:00 – 4:30

  1. Sunny Tseng, MSc in Forestry, Automatic Bird Sound Detection, Dr. Bianca Eskelson
  2. Bethany Arndt, MSc in Forestry, How does road perception influence grizzly bear movement?,Dr. Nicholas Coops
  3. Anoosha Pai, MASc in Biomedical Engineering, A Study on Postural Effects of the Thoracic Spine and Muscle Morphology using Open and Upright MRI, Dr. Thomas R. Oxland
  4. Maria-Elizabeth Baeva, MSc in Microbiology and Immunology, Are eyes more than just windows to the soul? Exploring the link between age-related macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease.Dr. Wilf Jefferies
  5. Rabe Arshad, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mobility Management in Wireless Networks, Prof. Lutz Lampe
  6. Delaram Behnami, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence in Heart Imaging, Dr. Purang Abolmaesumi and Dr. Robert Rohling
  7. Ryley Hill, PhD in Astronomy,The Largest Structures in the Universe, Douglas Scott
  8. Kate Wahl, MSc in Population and Public Health, In her own words: A qualitative description of endometriosis-associated sexual pain, Dr. Susan Cox and Dr. Paul Yong
  9. Ross Duncan, MSc in Health Economics and Outcomes Research,  Will a spoonful of sugar help the medicine go down?,Dr. Mark Harrison
  10. Jack Bacon, MSc in Genome Science and Technology,Searching for Tumour DNA in Human Blood: Applications in Cancer, Dr. Alexander Wyatt
  11. Laura Yvonne Bulk, PhD in Rehabilitation Science, Blindly Belonging, Dr. Laura Nimmon and Dr. Tal Jarus
  12. Freda Warner, PhD in Kinesiology, Old drugs, new targets?, Dr. John Kramer

Four speakers from each semi-final round will progress to the 2019 3MT Finals on Thursday, March 14, at 12:30 PM, Jack Poole Hall, Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

Register to become an audience member here: 3MT @UBC 2019 Finals Registration Form