2012 Finalists

First place: Natalie Sopinka, Forestry
Transgenerational Effects of Stress in Sockeye Salmon
Supervisor: Dr. Scott G. Hinch

Runner-Up: Fergil Mills, Neuroscience
Too much β-catenin: Sticky Synapses, Sticky Memories
Supervisor: Dr. Shernaz Bamji

People’s Choice: Jason Tan De Bibiana, School of Population and Public Health
What is the Impact of Housing First on Emergency Department Use among Homeless Individuals with Mental Illness in Vancouver?
Supervisor: Dr. Arminee Kazanjian with co-supervisor Dr. Jim Frankish

Remaining contestants in order of presentation:
Andrew Pilliar, Law
Improving Access to Justice and Lawyer Satisfaction through Market Modification
Supervisor: Dr. Mary Liston

Carmen Emmel, Atmospheric Science
Mountain Pine Beetle and Climate – What should we do?
Supervisor: Dr. Andreas Christen

Paul Slangen, Civil Engineering
Assessing the health of the W.A.C. Bennett dam
Supervisor: Drs. R.J. Fannin and Dr. Z.K.E. Shawwash

Baillie Redfern, Genome Science and Technology
Engineering the perfect perfume
Supervisor: Dr. Joerg Bohlmann

Samantha Grist, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mimicking the Body for Drug Testing
Supervisors: Dr. Karen C. Cheung and Dr. Lukas Chrostowski

You can view videos of the 2012 3MT Finalists and Semi-Finalists on YouTube. NOTE: not all of the 3MT 2012 @ UBC semi-final participants have videos posted as per the individual’s request. Also please note that some of the semi-final videos that have been posted lack an embedded slide graphic, again at the express request of the participant.