Graduate students compete in the 3MT semi-finals

An 80,000-word thesis would take nine hours to present. These graduate students just have three minutes. Don’t miss UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competitions!

30 graduate students have advanced to the 3MT semi-finals from faculties across the university. Join them on March 14 to hear about their inspiring research.

The semi-finals will be presented live in the Dodson Room of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, and livestreamed as well. Register to receive a Zoom link.


Semi-final 1, Tuesday, March 14, 10 am – 12 pm

  1. Sarah Smith-Tripp, When a Fire Burns Half a Million Hectares – How Do We Know What’s Rising From The Ashes?, Dr. Nicholas Coops
  2. Varshaa Kumaran, Gravity – a friend in need! Drinking water for our remote communities, Dr. Pierre Berube.
  3. Yeganeh Dorri Nokoorani, Optimizing culture conditions for healthy human stem cells, Dr. Nika Shakiba
  4. Alex Birkenshaw, Perfecting gene editing using glowing mice, Dr. Colin Ross
  5. Musanna Galib, Using Thin Film to Improve Metal Anode Battery Safety, Dr. Mauricio Ponga
  6. Jessica Archibald, tbc, tbc
  7. Fatemeh Asadi Zeidabadi, Silent Threat in Our Drinking Water: “PFAS or Forever Chemicals”, Prof. Madjid Mohseni
  8. Adam Doelman, Assessing Bladder Function After Spinal Cord Injury Using a Novel Pressure Measurement Device, Dr. Brian K Kwon
  9. Oleksandra Ostapenko, Life in the Universe? Intracluster Gas Holds the Answers, tbc
  10. Kiarah O’Kane, Do you mythunderstand me? Sexuality myths and sexual outcomes. Dr. Samantha Dawson and Dr. Katrina Bouchard
  11. Angie Ip, Developmental Profiles in Children Assessed for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dr. Tim Oberlander and Dr. Brenda Poon
  12. Anne  Lalande, Engineering Microbial Cell Factories for the Valorization of Lignin, Dr. Lindsay Eltis.
  13. Elsa Cyr, The Neural Basis of Taste Processing in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes, Dr. Ben Matthews and Dr. Mike Gordon
  14. Jonas Welsch, Listening to the crack – The art of keeping Hydrogen from escaping, tbc
  15. Jing Jiang, Projecting Forest Ecosystem Suitable Habitat in the Asia-Pacific Region, Dr. Tongli Wang


Semi-final 2, Tuesday, March 14, 4 – 6 pm

  1. Pouria Kourehpaz, Advancing Seismic Risk Assessment in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Carlos Molina Hutt
  2. Vasia Karasavva, Cyber Bystanders Assemble! Taking Action in Cyber Aggression, Dr. Amori Yee Mikami
  3. Dorothy Lin, Bisphenols in plastics: Not as harmless as we think, Dr. Michael Kobor
  4. Karanvir Singh, The genetics behind the psychological symptoms of anorexia nervosa, Dr. Jessica Dennis
  5. Layan Bashi, ‘Catching’ Your Breath: Variability of Xenon MRI in Children with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, Dr. Sharon Dell
  6. Kithmin Wickremasinghe, Best get ready before it’s too late: Silicon Photonic sensors for safeguarding ourselves!, tbc
  7. Peiyao Wang, Never say never: Investigating how lung cancer happens in never smokers, Dr. William Lockwood
  8. Louise Ramos, tbc, tbc.
  9. Zachary Sherker, Fish and Floods: Effectiveness Monitoring to Improve Salmon Migrations Through Floodgates, Dr. Scott Hinch
  10. Sasha McDowell, A taste of high salt sensing in fruit flies, Dr. Michael Gordon
  11. Rebecca Hansen, New lows? Shifting sea life on the rocky shores of southern Vancouver Island, Dr. Chris Harley
  12. Vicki Cheng, The Human Aspect of Cancer: Spiral of Mental Health, Dr. Mary De Vera
  13. Claudia Baldassi, Unraveling the genetic variation behind raspberry color, Dr. Simone D. Castellarin
  14. Yas Oloumi Yazdi, Alignment of Magnetic Microstructures for Spinal Cord Injury Treatment, Dr. Karen Cheung
  15. Aria Malhotra, In Your Breast Interest: Skin Reactions in Radiation Therapy, Dr. Cheryl Duzenli