Cheer on the 2017 UBC 3MT Semi-Finalists Tomorrow at 1:00 PM!

After several weeks of 3MT heats, the 2017 3MT semi-finalists have been decided. Tomorrow, March 14, join us in the Thea Koerner Ballroom, 6173 Crescent Road, to watch our semi-finalists compete to see who will go on to the 2017 finals on Thursday.

In the order of their presentations, our semi-finalists are:

Semi-final 1, 1:00 – 2:30 PM

  1. Laurel Stothers, Medical Imaging for Radiation Therapy, MSc in Medical Physics with Dr. Anna Celler
  2. Seth Tigchelaar, Biomarkers for Spinal Cord Injury, PhD in Neuroscience with Dr Brian K. Kwon
  3. Anna Smith, Zinc stinks! Olfactory inhibition in juvenile coho salmon, MSc in Forestry with Dr. Scott Hinch
  4. Denise Wooding, Air Pollution and Lung Health: The Potential Role of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps, MSc in Experimental Medicine with Dr. Chris Carlsten
  5. Yuhao Bean Lu, Cities and Satellites, PhD in Forestry with Dr. Nicholas Coops
  6. Manveen Kaur, Effect of protected Vitamin B supplementation on bovine uterus, MSc in Applied Animal Biology with Dr. Ronald L.A. Cerri
  7. Katriona Stewart, Resisting Rationality, MA in Political Science with Professor Barbara Arneil
  8. Katharine Thompson, Bacteria that changed the world, PhD in Microbiology and Immunology with Dr. Sean Crowe
  9. Sue Peters, PAY ATTENTION!, PhD in Rehabilitation Science with Drs Lara Boyd and S. Jayne Garland
  10. Ahmed Elhamy Mostafa, The Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of My New Friends, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering with Prof. Vincent Wong

Semi-final 2, 3:00 – 4:30

  1. Ryley Hill, The Brightest Galaxies in the Universe, MSc in Astronomy with Dr. Douglas Scott
  2. Arnab  Ray, Epilepsy: Building a Model for Future Diagnosis, MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences with Dr. Tara L. Klassen
  3. Alice Palmer, Bankrupt or Biofuture? Strategic Change in the Pulp and Paper Industry, PhD in Forestry, Dr. David Cohen
  4. Taha Qaiser, Training the 6th sense! Could it help recover walking after spinal cord injury?, MSc in Kinesiology with Dr. Tania Lam
  5. Anupama  A. Sharan, KEEP CALM AND CYCLE ON!, MASc in Chemical and Biological Engineering with Drs. Vikram Yadav and Steven Hallam
  6. Laura Whalin, Pair Housing of Calves in Modified Calf Hutches, MSc in the Animal Welfare Program with Dr. Marina von Keyserlingk
  7. Ryan Falck, The Impact of Physical Activity, Exercise and Sedentary Behaviour on Older Adult Cognitive Health, PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences with Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose
  8. Ellen Schelew, Secure communication with Quantum Information, PhD in Physics with Dr. Jeff Young
  9. Raza Malik, The role of vision in learning to walk again, PhD in Kinesiology with Dr. Tania Lam
  10. Maryam Raiyat Aliabadi, ARTINALI: Dynamic invariant detection for Cyber-Physical System Security, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering with Dr. Karthik Pattabiraman

Four speakers from each semi-final round will progress to the 2017 3MT Finals on Thursday, March 16, at 12:30 PM, Jack Poole Halle, Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.