2012 3MT Finalist Wins a PhD Comics Animation

While UBC’s Three Minute Thesis competition is already in the history books for 2012, graduate research rolls onward as ably demonstrated by UBC3MT2012 finalist and graduate student Baillie Redfern. This summer she entered a 2-minute audio version of her thesis presentation “Engineering the Perfect Perfume” to a Two-Minute Thesis contest sponsored by PHDcomics. And congratulations […]

It’s Time for the Final Round!

The eight finalists of 3MT 2012 @ UBC take the stage at 12 noon in the Graduate Student Centre Ballroom. Join us for a truly enlightening event!

1st Week Results & 3MT Semi Finals

Mark your calendar for the semi-finals on February 29 and finals on March 2.

The experience of a 3MT 2011 finalist

Are you wondering what it would really be like to participate in the 3MT competition and make it all the way to the finals? Well, here is a little insight for you courtesy of Faculty of Medicine graduate student, Sarah Chow, who describes for us her experience competing in the 2011 UBC 3MT event. The […]

They Had 3 Minutes: 3MT Results

That’s it. That’s all they had. Three minutes to tell us about their graduate research and how it’s going to change our world. Now, the final result of the UBC 3 Minute Thesis (3MT™) Competition Finals is, well, final! Here are the names of those victorious in the 6 week campus wide battle which played […]

And Then There Were 6: 3 Minute Thesis Finalists

As UBC’s inaugural 3 Minute Thesis (3MT™) competition enters its final phase the jokes have been tested, the metaphors polished and the precise and accurate declamation of facts are being delivered with just the right mix of clarity and enthusiasm. Nearly 100 graduate students took on the challenge to participate, honed their presentation skills and […]