The Heat is On: 3MT Multidisciplinary Heat at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

UBC has hosted the 3MT Competition since 2011, yet Friday’s multidisciplinary heat in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum Auditorium was the first time I’ve ever had the privilege of attending one of its events. Where was I all these years?

The nine contestants in this heat represented a wide range of disciplines including biochemistry and molecular biology, electrical and computer engineering, zoology, land and food systems, computer science and kinesiology.

Among all the interesting topics, we learned a little bit about shark exploitation in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, atomically thin solar cells, bovine fertility with the help of a little bit of Vitamin B, and building the right framework for data visualization.

The audience had a hand (pun intended) in the illustration of proprioception, and we heard the most perfect imitation of a Steller sea lion. I left feeling inspired and very proud of these graduate students who were, across the board, full of poise and confidence as they presented their fascinating research. I’m really looking forward to the next multidisciplinary heat on March 8 at 3:30 at Buchanan Building Block B, 1866 Main Mall, Room B208. Join me!

-Kelli Kadokawa


3MT contestants

The contestants of the 3MT multidisciplinary heat at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on March 3.


3MT contestant presents research

PhD candidate Nicolas Coutin presents his research, Making Cells Fit the Drug.


3MT contestant presents research

PhD candidate Anamaria Crisan engages with the audience on her research on visualizing public health data


3MT contestant answers a question

Master of Science student Taha Qaiser presents his research on how training the 6th sense may help recover walking after spinal cord injury.